Torn Apart (ft. GRADES)
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Brick walls and sweaters.

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7:1 - #JustGermanThings

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Anon asked: Wes + Laurel
↳Watch out for Mr. Gibbins and Miss Castillo here.

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"Listen, I think one of the things that’s real strange, and I see it with my kids, is that they have entire networks of communications, and entire networks of joining up with each other and talking that I think elude folks like me and older. I mean I’m not on Tumblr every darn day, I’m not. I don’t have Instagram. I don’t get on any of these networks that my kids are on. There’s all this movement, and information that’s passing and that is slipping past what we would call the mainstream radar. And my kids, my students, they understand that there’s kinda two worlds; the official world where they’ll go work and the official world where they’ll talk to adults and in that official world folks don’t talk about race, folks don’t talk about rape, folks don’t acknowledge how much young people are doing, what they’re doing, folks don’t talk about how many gay folks are out there. And then… there’s the world they live on, the ground, where they’re seeing this stuff right up front. And I think a lot of what’s going on is that a lot of communities are becoming bilingual. Speaking real speak, and real speak is the stuff we acknowledge is happening. And speaking the official speak, and the official speak we don’t acknowledge any of this stuff. It’s code but it’s also negation, because part of what you’re seeing with the republican madness is, what they wanna do is put that story back. They wanna push it back, they wanna negate it, they wanna erase it. I think when you speak the official code, part of it is erasing. You want to not talk about this, not talk about that, let’s just talk about the old thing. And you if you talk about anything new Ima get real mad at you."

Junot Diaz - Moyers & Company Show 151: Rewriting the Story of America (via kenobi-wan-obi)

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don’t tell me that nail gun ken is still in the picture.

no, but you should see the new one.

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Get Away
Radio 1 - Drive: Rescored
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i’ll never let you get away

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Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were 

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If you haven’t watched ESPN’s World Cup closing montage, then you absolutely have to.

Warning: you might cry because of feelings and nostalgia.

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